Quality & Laboratory Facility

Our commitment to deliver quality products has made us adhere to the standards from the very initial stage that is raw material selection, followed by various measures adopted during the process of production we are able to deliver the final product that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our all products including yarn and fabric are processed through strictly Contamination control process We can supply guaranteed contamination free fabric and yarn at premium prices as per demand

AUFL always thrived on better quality control and inspection procedures and norms as under all above facilities are well supported by qualified professional peoples in its operations. An AUFL production team was selected by technical experts in the TEXTILE TRADE and are highly qualified with on hand experience, knowledgeable, and competence. They are quality conscious and always most anxious to meet the specifications of the end product to the satisfaction of customer. With ongoing training program the production team is updated with the latest techniques of production and are also made familiar with the latest developments in the TEXITLE TRADE.